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  • “Pain-free Hysteroscopy”
    It is unlikely to be controversial for me to suggest that pain is not merely a product of sensory stimulation (please excuse that rather clunky double-negative). I have previously mentioned the annals of Henry Beecher, wherein soldiers during World War II were observed to decline analgesia despite […]
  • Tolerance of Uncertainty
    To start off, for any fellow nerds that may read this. I’m sorry to disappoint, this is not a comprehensive review article on the psychological concept of intolerance of uncertainty (let’s get the acronym out of the way, IoU). However, happily, it is definitely related. From what I […]
  • Life After Lockdown?
    It seems for better or worse, out of wisdom or foolishness, based on scientific evidence or financial desperation- lockdown is coming to an end. The spectre of a “second wave” was initially something to avoid at all costs, but is now seen as an inevitability. My personal view (and […]
  • Corona..
    It’s the 30th March, and I suspect everyone has had quite enough about corona virus haven’t they? For some, like my colleagues in the NHS, my girlfriend in the supermarkets or my friend driving HGVs across the country, the criticisms are very pointed and concerning. They are very much […]
  • Focus on Pain Day
    I recently attended a one-day conference in Holborn at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, hosted jointly by the British Pain Foundation and Arthritis UK, which I thought I’d give a brief synopsis of. As these events are hosted by charities with very limited budgets, the places available are […]