Talk Radio Europe

A short interview with Bill Padley of Talk Radio Europe about our Mind/Body study, described below in the Conversation and Independent. This was the first accomplishment after self-isolation from Corona began and can be sensed throughout the entire interview (in my opinion).


The Conversation

This is an article describing an active collaboration with Dr Emma Borg and the Department of Philosophy, as well as with Dr Deepak Ravindran and the Royal Berkshire Hospital. It describes our attempt to stratify patients based on their intrinsic view on pain, and whether they see it as a quality of the body or the mind.


This article was also republished in The Independent

BBC Radio Berkshire

This was recorded while introducing BBC Berkshire and its listeners to the CINN Pain lab and the type of research we undertake at Reading. I am joined by Dr Wiebke Gandhi from my lab to give Phil Kennedy and Jo Beck a demonstration of our work and an overview of why we do exactly what we do

One-Minute Thesis

This is a short video that I made while visiting Toronto and attending the Connaught Summer  Institute in Pain. My video would (very gratefully!) go on to win the best submission of the year, and I think does a good job of summarising exactly what it is that I do, in language that doesn’t overcomplicate matters.

BBC South: GENESIS Trial Overview

This is a short article from BBC South News, providing an overview of the GENESIS knee embolisation trial between clinicians at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and our lab at Reading. It provides insight from one of our patients who experienced our anticipated benefits of the procedure, and is now back on the golf course.