The CINN Pain Lab

Dr Tim Salomons
Assistant Professor
Queens University

Dr Tim Salomons is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Queens University. Tim was previously my PhD supervisor at Reading, is the founder of the CINN Pain lab and is still a core element of the driving force behind our work today. Tim’s research aims to understand how the brain and body interact to create the experience of pain, and why some people might be prone to develop pain while others are relatively resilient. Tim is especially interested  in the biological mechanisms that underlie cognitive and affective responses to pain and how this knowledge might help us treat pain.

Dr Carien van Reekum
University of Reading

Dr Carien van Reekum is a Professor at the University of Reading and affiliated with the Centre of Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics. Carien’s research interests are focused on affective neuroscience and aims to better understand the brain mechanisms involved in emotion elicitation and adaptive regulation of emotion, how emotion and emotion regulation change across the lifespan and how changes in the brain with advancing age may impact emotion reactivity and regulation. Carien also studies affect-cognition interaction and how emotion influences attention and subsequent processing of information, and how attentional focus influences emotion. Carien is the Director of the Brain Emotion and Cognition (BEC) lab, she locally manages ongoing research in the CINN pain lab and is crucial to the mentoring and development of PhDs and early career researchers in the lab.

Dr Wiebke Gandhi
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Reading

Wiebke is interested in coping with acute and chronic pain, including maladaptive strategies like learned helplessness. In her current project, she is investigating neural and behavioural correlates of the learning processes that take place when individuals get to realize that they can’t control pain.

Greig Adams
Graduate Student
University of Reading

Greig is a PhD student within the CINN Pain lab, and is jointly hired as a research assistant on a project funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC). Greig’s interests are on the experimental basis of psychological interventions on pain, and examining individual differences underlying the mechanisms of central sensitisation and psychological habituation to pain.

Norma Rosenek
Graduate Student
University of Reading

Norma is investigating shared and unique characteristics of painful and emotional experiences using behavioural, psychophysiological and neuroimaging techniques.